"เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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"เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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"เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี...อันธพาลขี้อาย" : สัมภาษณ์ติ๊กมี 3 หน้าคะ

credit : นิตยสาร TRENDY MAN ปีที่5 ฉบับที่58 เดือนมิถุนายน 2540
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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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เด็ดมากน้องพลอย พี่หนิงมีและที่เราลงไปนั้นเป็นแบบพิมพ์มือ ไม่เคยได้เห็นจากหนังสือพร้อมรูปเลยจ๊ะ เว้นรูปแรก
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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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พี่หนิงมีรูปรึป่าวคะ เดี๋ยวพลอยจะลงรูปให้อีกทีนะคะ

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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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ก็ไม่มีเลยค่ะ มีแต่ไฟล์ word เป็นพิมพ์ๆอย่างเดียวค่ะ
ลงมาเลยคุณน้องรอดูอยู่ อิอิ

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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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จัดให้เลยคะพี่หนิง พรุ่งนี้พลอยจะลงให้นะคะ ขอเวลาสแกนก่อนน้า อิอิ

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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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[Translation by A Fan from USA of the interview posted by Khun Ploy above]


Source: TRENDY MAN, year 5, issue 58, June 1997
Story: Aikchaya, Sudham, Photographs: Sumeth Vivatwicha


“Goddamn man!!...”

A lot of people can still remember precisely the ear-piercing phrase from the famous movie “2499 The Gangster Take Over the City (Dang Bireley’s & Young Gangsters).” That man is Jesdaporn Pholdee who put on the spirit of Dang Bireley with wrathful emotions and yelling before repeatedly firing his handguns at Pu Bottlebomb, sending him to lie in a heap of deadly stillness in the bloody scene in the middle of the temple courtyard.

It may be because of this cussed phrase that hauls in the net revenue for this Thai movie to dart and stop at the number 75 million baht!

Uh…Should trendyman shake with fear or excuse himself to go to the restroom before facing the real gangster one on one…?

It turns out, the Dang Bireley we sit shoulder to shoulder with is just a good-humored young man, easy to laugh, fun to talk to, and open-minded to talk about everything, except for one question.

"What did you eat to become so handsome?” Dang Bireley laughed before bending down his head to eat steamed sticky rice with fried chicken in front of him and smiling shyly instead of giving an answer.

Did you have to take a long time to build the emotion for the scene you had to yell “goddamn, man!”?

Oh! I was really irate (with a serious face). I was about to become ordained in the chapel for my mom in that scene and then my friend, Lam Singh, was shot to death by that damn Pu. I was very angry. I was very much in with the script because both the scene and the events were realistic. I was really angry.

We heard that when you tried out the script, you played the role very impressively for the team, especially the director (Nonthree Nimitbutre). He admired you behind your back that you were able to engage everyone. What role did you play during the casting?

I played three roles: Dang, Lam Singh, and Piek. There were a lot of people trying this out at the time. They put us into groups and alternated us into different roles. The team saw that the role suitable for me was Dang Bireley’s because my personality was what they thought of him.

Do you think the fame you have received came so rapidly like a firework? Do you feel excited, glad, nervous or scared because firework will eventually fall back down?

I don’t know how much fame I have now but I am glad there are people knowing more about me. What I feel now is that I am still a newbie for the circle. I personally don’t mind if I have to be famous or defunct. I just want to do the best for today and I would probably have to be selective of whether or not I like what I do. If I like it and think it is the right thing, okay, I’ll do it.

You are a star with a very good background. People say that so please explain what this background means?

I don’t know if they mean this. I am from a warm family. My parents are close to the children and are understanding of us. I have never been involved in drugs. Or it maybe because I work and study at the same time because I do not neglect schoolwork (currently in the third year of the Faculty of Engineering at the Thai Chamber of Commerce University).

In the future, if you have to choose between being a superstar and a topnotch engineer, what would you choose?

Engineer for sure (emphasize with a solid tone of voice) because it is something I have wished for and dreamed off the most.

Despite the fact that an acting career would probably earn you a lot of money more rapidly?

It is not that but what I would really like to do is to use my brain, not just to sell my look. Being an engineer should prove my capability and the subject matter I have endeavored to learn.

Being an actor is not a profession to have permanently in your thoughts?

My dad used to tell me this profession is ephemeral and I believe his words. I maybe highly popular this time, have a lot of ladies reveling in me, and turning into a fascinating man, but there would probably be no one interested in me once I am older. Soon there will be a new generation to replace me so it would be better to use what I have learned for my career that will always be with me.

Would you mind if they don’t give you a leading character?

That is not important and not of interest to me at all. But before I accept a role, I need to look at the script first even if I will not be in a leading role. Even if I am in a supporting role, I need to feel I like it. I usually do things based on my feeling. I ask myself what I want and if I don’t like it, I will not accept it because I will not be able to do it.

Suppose someone gives you a role of a male prostitute, would you take it?

Like I said, I need to look at the script and ask myself first. If I cannot do it, I will not accept it. I can take a role of a bad man, a good man, a gangster or a male prostitute, whatever it is because it is just acting. After work, I am still myself. I don’t mind a role as long as I am pleased with it, period.

Are there people saying this for you to hear that you were very stiff playing the love scene with Champagne Ex?

Oh! How would I not be? She was so very good at it like that. Especially when I had to be in a scene with such a pretty lady, I had to be a little nervous. I was probably courteous with her too. I didn’t know what she thought. She was difficult to read.

How about the love scene in your real life? Is it that stiff?

I don’t know (laughing shyly).

Are you shy when women look at you? Alternatively, are you when you look at them? What do you think is the most attractive thing in a lady?

So I have to answer both questions? Yes…when women look at me these days because they recognize me or whatever it is, I feel shy and am afraid to look them in the eyes. I sometimes don’t know how to behave myself. Would it be better to smile or make an impassive face? They will think I am crazy if I smile too much. And if I stay impassive, they’ll think I am arrogant. I am still dazed with myself. As for when I look at young ladies, what should I say? Actually, I don’t look at them all that much because I am shy. I like looking at pretty ladies with long hair.

Do you like ladies with Chinese or piercing look?

I can’t say there is a permanent specification. I sometimes like piercing look. But when I run into ladies with Chinese look, I like them too. I don’t know. It depends on what feeling I am in at the time.

Suppose there is a lady asking you for a date when you have not known her before, what would you do?

I would probably not be so gullible as to go with her for sure. We need to know and be familiar with each other first.

How old were you when you had the first date with a lady?

I was in the 10th grade, about 15-16 years old.

Do you still remember the feeling at that time?

Oh! I was very nervous because it was my very first time. I recall we went to see a movie. I couldn’t tell what it was about because I was distracted. My heart was throbbing the whole time thinking what I should talk to her about.

What kind of things women used to insult you with that was hard for you to accept?

They mostly say the real me is not as handsome as the character in the movie. They say why I look so pathetic. It is not to the point I cannot accept it but I am just a little offended about where that does not look like me.

Suppose if one morning you woke up to find out you had turned into a woman, what would you do first?

I would probably take a shower with some ladies I was fond of so I could study what this and that looks like (laugh).

Which male actor do you admire?


What about James Dean?

Uh…yes. I have been fond of him since I was little. I used to read books about his life. Sometimes I walked around in a day market and saw his pictures for sale, I would buy them. But they are all lost, gone somewhere I don’t know. I think he was very much himself. He was cool, really. What a decently cool man!

You play music too.

Yes, I do. I play guitar. I used to be very crazy about it and played it everyday. But I was studying and working at the same time so I had less time.

Wasn’t it to the point you formed a band?

Yes. It was named “The Narrow World.” I was a freshman at the time and ran into some friends from kindergarten by chance. We talked back and forth and it was congenial. We loved songs and the sound of music. We liked playing the same type of music so we thought we’d better form a band. We found a drummer and a bassist, not really anyone else, just all friends. But in “The Narrow World” band, there was no one very good at music at all. We were just barely making it. You can say we actually used music as an excuse to talk to one another.

What kind of music do you like?

I like heavy metal.

What type of car are you driving at the moment?

If I have to really say it, it is buses and motorcycles for hire.

Jesdaporn, the famous leading superstar does not have a car for himself?

We have a Toyota Corolla. I am fighting with my dad to use it (laugh).

Are you a fast driver?

I don’t drive very fast if there are people riding with me. But if I drive by myself, it is rather fast but not like bullying others. I don’t like to cut people off.

What was the fastest speed you drove?

Oh, the car I am driving can no longer go very fast (laugh).

Do you normally drink quite heavily?

A little, usually when I meet up with friends in the gangs.

Which gang?

The Bireley and the Bottlebomb gangs.

In the drinking circle, what do you mostly talk about?

Just in general: love, work, study, music, and everything else.

We have heard you are a fan of the English soccer.

Yes. I used to like Liverpool but I am indifferent about it now. I still like it but I don’t have as much time to watch it.

When you had your head shaved to play the role, they said you looked like Stan Collymer.

Yes…I was surprised but when I looked at myself in the mirror, hey! Oh! That was really Stan Collymer. I liked it a lot.

There are people saying you look like Dang Bireley too. What do you think?

Probably just some resemblance but not exactly like him. He was much more handsome than I am. He was really handsome. What a handsome gangster!

Last question. How long do you think the image of Dang Bireley will be with you?

Probably not long. I had to be groomed for a very long time before I could become Dang Bireley you saw in the movie to make people really believe that I was him. But once I was off scene, I was still myself, the same Jesdaporn. More importantly, I have to prove that I can play other roles and not make people feel I am still Dang Bireley who used to yell out “Goddamn man!” in the movie. I must be able to do it.

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Re: "เจษฎาภรณ์ ผลดี" .... อันธพาลขี้อาย

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